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Update: Tue, 8 Dec 2009
A number of meetings have now taken place and committees are working on both community relief efforts and on the technical fix.
A delegation held a meeting with Kildare County Council this morning and talks are ongoing between the council and the other agencies to put a more permanent solution in place at the culvert.

"Next meeting - Waterways residents - 8pm upstairs in Bridgewater, Wednesday night"

St. Vincent de Paul have a full depot of clothes, furniture and other materials available. If a suitable premises is available they will hold an afternoon distribution event on site in the Waterways. Contact 085 7052294 to request help or suggest a premises.

OnlineTradesmen.com have offered a volunteer crew of skilled professionals to come down this Saturday and help make repairs. Please contact James Lawless on 086 834 8869 if you want to take up this offer, with detail of the type of work you need done.

A table quiz will be held in Boss Byrnes lounge on Wednesday 16th December, contact James above if you want help organise.

Santa will be at SuperValu this Sunday (13th) and Santa will also be at community centre the following Sunday (20th).

We will post more updates as they come available.

Update: Tue, 1 Dec 2009
An initial meeting was held last evening (Mon 30th Nov 2009) in the Sallins Parish hall, to bring together the many
Volunteer groups in Sallins, so as to focus efforts to help those who have been stricken by the recent floods.

The main action from the meeting was to form a working committee from the many groups, that could help
the flow of communication between those dealing with the damage and disruption to their homes and lives
and those who are in a position to help and to get answers to their questions.

We will post information on his website with updates and contact points for the various agencies as we get them.

Update: 3 Dec 2009. A second meeting was held on Wednesday night (2nd December) and the following was agreed -

One group will work with the county councillors to try meet with council officials and press for drains upgrade that is needed at Kerdiffstown. The temporary drain that was dug on Tuesday is still open but this needs to be replaced with a more pernamanet solution. This group will work on this issue.
The other group will work to coordinate local relief efforts across the community. If you would like to go on this committee call Kevin Dillon on 086 164 0658.
If you want to volunteer services in general the website www.offersofhelp.com is a good place to seek and offer assistance.
Offers of help are continuing to come in from different sources, local and further afield.
Sallins St. Vincent de Paul are running a drop-off depot and have assistance available - contact is Brian on 087 689 8957.
OnlineTradesmen have been in touch to offer tradespeople on a volunteer basis - leave a note on www.offersofhelp.com  or mail direct james@jameslawless.ie  if this of interest.

Finally a noticeboard is now up in SuperValu so stop by and leave a note or check out the information.

This just in from The Community Foundation for Ireland:
Flood Recovery Fund - emergency grants for communities affected by flooding

In response to the devastation wrought by widespread flooding across many parts of Ireland in the past week, this fund has been established to help frontline community and voluntary groups provide assistance to the most vulnerable in our communities.

Grants are available to community and voluntary groups in the areas affected to help in the provision of Food, Clothing, Bedding and the Clean-up effort. Groups working with Older people, Families with young children, People with physical or learning disabilities, People with mental health needs and People on low incomes who have been affected by the floods will be targeted.

For the fund criteria and application form please visit www.communityfoundation.ie/grants.

Grants to successful applicants will be made within days. To ensure we can reach communities as soon as possible application forms should be returned by email. Applicants should complete Page 3 of the application form so that grants can be made by means of bank transfer.

For information on how to donate to this emergency Flood Recovery Fund, please see http://www.communityfoundation.ie/grants/floodrecovery.htm.

For more information email info@foundation.ie or call 01-8747354.

Residents of Waterways being helped from their flooded homes by Civil Defence.

Please email info@Sallins.Org if you want to see any specific info included here or if you have an update to post.


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